Assignment 1.2 Find the Gap

Identify some gaps in my user experience.

  1. I need a practical and comfortable solution for carrying house/car keys, money and I.D. cards while running/jogging.
  2. Shoelaces that keep unlacing while running.
  3. Motorcycle riders that invade the exclusive lane for cyclists.
  4. A workstation with an adjustable desk for standing up and sometimes sitting down.
  5. Light switches. I keep forgetting which switches turns on which light.
  6. Migraine.
  7. A solution for filing and organizing all the flyers, brochures, paper samples and other printed objects that I collect because I consider them good examples of graphic design.
  8. A system for being able to read e-books while on bed without the iPad falling over my face and hitting my nose every-time.
  9. A laptop desk for my bed to avoid overheating of the computer.
  10. A better signage for warning motorists about bicycle/runners lanes.

Coursera course Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society


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